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Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE Malta)

A mission to reduce emission

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Some argue that although cycling is beneficial for the health, it may increase intake of air pollution leading to negative consequences on the health. Yet, studies have shown that this physical activity outweighs the harm caused by air pollution intake. Other than that, if used as a clean form of transport we will continue to help the progress that has been made since 1990 in reducing the emissions of many air pollutants from the transport sector.

Carol Cammileri 9 Garnet

The tragic of burning plastic

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The fierce fire at Sant Antnin recycling plant back in 2017 was an extraordinary sight that will remain imprinted on my memory . The haunting plume of thick smoke signified the selflessness of us people in making use of plastic uncontrollably. We could not, for sure, help to control the fire, but we can, for sure, control the use of plastic in our everyday life.

Miriam Sammut 9Garnet

The leaves that pollute

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When people hear about cigarette smoking, one may think only about the health risks associated with it and with passive smoking. Many fail to discuss the harmful effect on the environment, which is caused by the release of toxic gases into the air from cigarette smoke, the seeping of chemicals into the soil from cigarette buts, the air pollution caused by the industrial processing of cigarettes, and the deforestation caused by the plantation of tobacco plants in rainforests. All of which has a harmful ripple effect on the environment we all live in.

Amy Caruana 9 Jade

Emission Alert

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Nice view? Did you take a photo? Did you report? There is still the possibility to report vehicles that are emitting excessive smoke. One can either use an online form, by SMS on 50611899 or else the Transport Malta app. The vehicle owner will be notified through a registered letter so that within seven days he goes for an emission test at Transport Malta. If the fails, the car will have its licence withdrawn until the owner regularises himself. So, Do it! Snap it! Report it!

Kaine Pace 9 Diamond


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Smoking Makes Our Kids Inhale Noxious Gases.

Jennifer Nwankwo 9 Diamond


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The view from my window. Two extremes. The solar panels and solar water heater that help the environment by using renewable sources of energy and the construction site which is blocking the light energy to reach them, blocking the views of the nice sky, blocking our airways with the dust particles and other pollutants generated.

Nermine Alsoulaiman 9 Coral

YRE Malta

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