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Reading Champions Year 8

The National Literacy Agency in collaboration with the National Book Council and the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes held the award-giving Reading Champions ceremony in November 2018 during the National Book Festival. The main objective of the ceremony was to give recognition, not only to those students who are proficient readers in Maltese and English, but also those who during scholastic year 2017-18 have made an effort to improve their level of reading ability. The awards given to students from our school were:

  • Gold Award- Awarded to the best reader – Jade Cachia Hehr (8CRL).
  • Silver Award- Best promoter of reading – Jodie Sultana (8CRL).
  • Bronze Award- Reader registering significant improvement in reading skills- Jamie Arpa (8JDE).

Awardees received book prizes and a certificate.

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