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Parents’ Evening Activity – Eat Better (School Lunches)…..Make it Matter!

The title is the Food Code picked up by the EkoSkola students attending St Thomas More College, Secondary School Żejtun. Besides addressing the health benefits of consuming better school lunches, this food code aims to raise students as critical consumers by making the right food choices with the least impact on the environment.
As a way of disseminating good practices of Responsible Food Consumption (RFC) in relation to the Food Code, the EkoSkola students’ committee designed a pamphlet, in the form of a school lunchbox to be distributed to all the parents during Parents’ Evening on Friday 24th March 2017. Inside the lunchbox, the students presented three different menus consisting of healthy, practical and environment-friendly school lunches that the parents can easily prepare for their children.
The response was highly satisfying and rewarding for the students, with parents commenting very positively and making use of the recipes provided.

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