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Parental/Guardian Sessions commencing March 2019

The Institute for Education is accepting applications from parents/guardians interested in attending Parental/Guardian Sessions commencing March 2019 at the Institute for Education, Martin Luther King Road, Pembroke. All session times are 4pm-6pm. Schools are requested to inform parents/guardians about these sessions and urge those who are interested to apply online.

The Institute firmly believes that parents/guardians play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home and in linking what children learn at school with other experiences. By facilitating and participating in diverse learning experiences and activities outside the school, parents/guardians become an important factor in children’s overall learning. They need to be equipped with the right educational tools to be collaborative partners in the education and well-being of their children.

Application Links:
March Sessions https://goo.gl/sk2uAc
April Sessions https://goo.gl/6XGtWJ
May Sessions https://goo.gl/C4PzPE
June Sessions https://goo.gl/ZFpwNt

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