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Operation Wallacea


St. Thomas More College Secondary School’s 1-week Expedition to Romania with Operation Wallacea!

Students will have the opportunity to work in the Tarnava Mare Natura 2000 Region in Transylvania with large mammals, small mammals, birds, plants, butterflies, bats and traditional farming techniques to preserve biodiversity.

This trip is open to all Year 10 and 11 students (aged 15 by 31st December 2019).

Date of Expedition: 3rd – 9th July 2019

Date of Informational Presentation: Wednesday 14th November at 1:30 PM (Parents invited)

Destination: Transylvania, Romania

Informational Video: Click here

To express an interest in attending, please contact:

For further information on the school expedition, please refer to:

https://www.opwall.com/expeditions/school-expedition/transylvania/ (expedition is ONE week long, not TWO weeks long)

Student Testimonials:

Gabrielle Grixti – Former St. Martin’s College Sixth Form Student – Romania and Croatia Operation Wallacea Expeditions:

“I’ve attended not only one but two expeditions with Operation Wallacea, and I would recommend it to anyone! Not only is it an amazing travel experience full of fun, but you also get to learn a lot about biodiversity and conservation. I attended the Romania expedition in 2017 and I enjoyed it so much that I joined the Croatia expedition in 2018 where I even learnt how to scuba dive! I attended with St Martin’s College Sixth Form,”

Jamie Buttigieg – Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form Student – South Africa Operation Wallacea Expedition:

“It is a life-changing experience,” said Jamie Buttigieg, “that taught us useful skills for working in the wild and we made new friends while doing it. Operation Wallacea is a wonderful organisation which puts conservation of wildlife as its top priority. I went to South Africa with Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form in 2018.”

Katryna Esposito – Former St. Martin’s College Sixth Form Student – Croatia Operation Wallacea Expedition:

“Operation Wallacea provides one with a truly genuine experience, through which one not only makes friends and contacts but also is provided with a deeper insight of the impact by man on the environment, and the various conservation projects aiming at minimising this impact. I had the opportunity to attend Croatia with Saint Martin’s College and I got to see how a biodiverse hotspot was affected trough wildfires as well as human encroachment. I would highly recommend these expeditions to anyone with a passion for conservation.”

Dorothy Attard – Former Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form Student – Croatia Operation Wallacea Expedition:

‘’Unforgettable in so many ways! I learned a lot, which helped me look at life from a different perspective. This experience taught us that nothing can substitute hands-on experience!’’

Andrew Agius – Former University of Malta Science Student – Honduras Operation Wallacea Expedition:

‘’A spectacular experience! The people, the atmosphere and the natural environment were all amazing! There was loads of fund to be had, but also a sense of earnest scientific endeavor that was an invaluable learning experience! I would highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to pursue conservation, ecology and other environmental sciences!’’

Teacher Testimonials:

Ms Sheryl Green – Biology Lecturer – Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School – Romania Operation Wallacea Expeditions:

‘’Operation Wallacea expeditions provide an amazing experience in environmental education – one that you will never get anywhere else.  I enjoyed every activity. The scientists are very knowledgeable, they allow students to learn and consolidate knowledge through innovative hands-on experience. A definite must for anyone who has conservation at heart!’’

Ms Rita Gatt – SOK Lecturer – St. Martin’s College Sixth Form – Romania and Croatia Expeditions:

‘’Operation Wallacea is a unique opportunity of experiential learning for both students and their teachers.  It is an experience that encourages teamwork and responsible citizenship. It is an enlightening manner to acquire skills and knowledge beyond the classroom environment!’’

Ms Lorraine DeBrincat – Assistant Technical Officer (Sciences) – Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form – Croatia and South Africa Expeditions:

‘’Once in a lifetime opportunity! Experience of a lifetime! Interesting and were exposed to a wealth of knowledge.  Learned lots and highly recommend to all students!’’

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