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Let’s Learn Europe Together – Quiz activity for Years 8, 9 and 10

This Scholastic Year the school participated in a EU Project entitled ‘LET’S LEARN EUROPE TOGETHER’, involving the majority of students in Years 8, 9 and 10. This project was launched by the European Parliament Information Office, whereby students were provided with an educational resource booklet, divided into 6 modules, namely: A brief History of the EU; the European Union and You; Making Decisions; Europe without borders; European values; Your voice in Europe.
The idea behind this project was not only to expose the students and get them familiar with facts about the European Union, but also to bring as many subjects working together (e.g. European Studies, Geography, History, Social Studies and Mathematics).
On Wednesday 18th May, eight group of students tested the knowledge acquired and challenged one another through a quiz which was delivered by representatives from the European Parliament Information Office. The winning team will be competing with other finalists from other schools in October 2016 and the finalists were; Melanie Gatt, Kylie Grech, Yasmine Micallef Zammit, Kristy Xuereb and Mariah Zammit from class 3 Coral. We wish them all the best of luck!!

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