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Launching Campaign of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’

In the week between the 7th and the 11th of November 2016, the EkoSkola committee launched the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’ during school assemblies.
As newly-appointed members of this year’s EkoSkola Committee the students first introduced themselves with their respective year groups and explained that the main aim is to work together to achieve the prestigious Green Flag Award.
To attain this goal the school will be participating in the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’, which supports Eco-schools in 9 EU countries, including Malta, and which has 38 schools participating, including our school at St. Thomas More Secondary, Żejtun. Our role in this project is to explore ways and means to enable and empower students to in making more responsible food choices for a better health and to shape the World into a better one.
The main concepts of this project were explained better by means of two different video clips (one targeted for the Middle School students and another more suitable one for the Senior School years) and by using the roll out poster as a display in the School Hall and at the Administration Block.
For more information about this project one can access the following websites;


or the facebook page; Nieklu b’Responsabbiltà – We Eat Responsibly

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