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History Activity – Re-enactment Day

A History Re-enactment day was organised at St. Thomas More Zejtun Middle & Secondary School. This activity was targeted for Year 8 students. The following groups participated in this activity:
  • Projekt Lazarus focusing on Medieval armour and archery
  • HRGM focusing on the French period
  • BLGH focusing on WW1 and WW2
  • Furbani Maltin focusing on legal corsairing in Medieval and Knights’ period
  • Falcon Archery focusing on archery which was a Medieval entertainment
  •  Heritage Malta which held a careertalk on jobs related to culture.

This activity created an engaging environment and involved every student. Students really enjoyed it. Moreover the aim of this activity was to promote history and to make it more relevant to students. History is an important subject that teaches skills that are needed to strengthen our democratic values and create better future societies.

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