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Green Flag Award Ceremony Report

On the 23 of October 2019, representatives from the EkoSkola Committee attended the ceremony for the prestigious award of the Green Flag, for the second consecutive time. This comes as a follow up of a year of intensive work, whereby the EkoSkola committee has concentrated on Reducing Energy Consumption during last scholastic year (2018-2019).

This is a proud achievement to our school, since the award of the Green Flag is an international recognition, certifying that our school has integrating SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the curriculum through a whole school approach.

The EkoSkola Committee aims at fostering a milieu that promotes a great sense of commitment in our students. One of our main task was the implementation of the Environmental Audit regarding electricity consumption, which data was used to set clear targets, actions and criteria against which to plan our actions, monitor and measure our success for our Action Plan for the coming year.

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