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Change your ways…..Reduce your waste…..REUSE…. EWWR 2019


Have you ever thought of how you can reuse the number of plastic bottles consumed daily in our homes in a useful way?


This is what the Green Leaders Committee together with the Eko Skola Team at our School have done….Used Plastic Bottles were changed to bird feeders and hung up to the trees in front of Block 3. We invite you take a close look at them when you happen to be passing by if you still haven’t had the opportunity to do so today. Try not to be too noisy …. maybe you will be lucky and see some of our little guests helping themselves with the food & water provided. Our idea is free to all…you can do it yourself for your garden. Reusing is the way forward to reduce waste.

Green Leaders Committee
Eko Skola Team
Reusing Initiative – EWWR 2019

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