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Annual Mental Math International Challenge: SuperTmatic Competition.

The Annual Mental Math International Challenge is a Mathematics competition for students aged between 6 and 15 years. Students in different year groups participate in one of nine different competition categories depending on their age. The competition promotes interest in mental Mathematics and develops skills in number and mental calculations. It aims at reinforcing the learning of Mathematics through constructive play. The competition also aims at discovering and celebrating talent in mental Mathematics.

Students from our school participate every year and these are our latest results:

Scholastic Year 2017-18

  • Jerome Nwoko – 207th out of 42,910
  • Maya Desira – 273rd out of 42,910
  • Nicole Callus- 4th out of 31,500

Scholastic Year 2018-19

  • Jerome Nwoko – 71st  out of 35,420
  • Elitsa Petrova – 95th out of 35,420
  • Katrina Abela –  139th  out of 30,800
  • Nicole Callus- 15th out of 26,250

A very well done to all.

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