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Adopt a Turtle Campaign

Last May EkoSkola organised a fundraising activity which involved the selling of coconut balls and smoothies for the Adopt-a-Turtle campaign. A total of €227 were collected, with which four turtles were adopted for the sum of €25 each. With the remaining money, the EkoSkola team decided to adopt 3 dogs from The Island Sanctuary (Tas-Silġ). These three dogs are Prickly, Lily and Barbie. Prickly was found near tas-Silġ, Marsaxlokk and it took volunteers around 3 hours to catch her. Lily, on the other hand, was found in Ħaġar Qim and had a tight chain round her neck. She is now around 5 years old and is a docile dog. Barbie was found heavily pregnant and eventually had 12 pups. The EkoSkola team would like to thank all those involved in the fundraising activity which has made such an initiative possible.

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  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Well done
    What a beautiful idea