The Necklace

The Necklace is an interesting English activity done by Ms A J Cassar with Form 3s.

This activity involves keeping a diary or a journal of a necklace. All the students in the class take part and it takes almost all year long ,depending on how many students there are in class.

The teacher gives  a diary and the necklace to a student. She has to wear the necklace for the week and take it with her wherever she goes; to visit relatives, out with friends, to the cinema even if she is at home just helping around and doing homework. Then students have to write a diary entry from the point of view of  the necklace itself and describe where they have been, whom they have met etc.

Students have to take pictures of themselves wearing the necklace or of the necklace lying somewhere. They really enjoy themselves and they express their creativity which is very important. Then they read it out in class and describe their own adventure.

The necklace itself chooses which home and student to visit, since their own name has to be drawn in a ballot in class every week. They are very eager to be the chosen one!

So let this year’s adventure begin. The necklace’s journey starts at the teacher’s home and here you can see the necklace relaxing!

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