Sports Day Activity – School Lunches for Better Health and a Better Environment

It has become a yearly tradition at St Thomas More College, Secondary Żejtun for the EkoSkola Committees (students and teachers) to join forces with the School Council and prepare a healthy packed lunch for the entire school community, on the same day that the school celebrates Sports Day. The only difference this year was the involvement of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’, hence rather than focusing solely on the health benefits, we gave as much importance to environmental-friendly practices.

This year’s packed lunch consisted of a traditional Maltese Ftira filled with tuna, seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, and also fresh fruit smoothies (using seasonal products) and a glass of squeezed orange juice freshly cut from the school’s citrus garden. Products used to serve the packed lunch were either of paper material or collected back for reusing and recycling. The skin of all the fruits and vegetables used were separated for compost, whereas the strawberry and yoghurt containers were handed to the people responsible for the gardening Project for reusing.

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