“Share a Book” and “Star Essay” projects

As part of the school’s drive towards better literacy, students in Ms Aquilina’s classes have been involved in different projects having an aim to increase the students’ reading quotas and improve their writing skills.
All the students have been asked to participate in the ‘Share a Book’ project. Each week, a student presents, or shares, a book with their class in whichever creative way they feel most comfortable in. Some students presented PowerPoint presentations, while others created posters, or even quizzes and games for their classmates. Another strategy encourages students to refer to the poster found in their class suggesting level-appropriate books to read. The most recent project launched was the ‘Star Essay’ (see photos below). The teacher selects the best essay out of every batch collected and displays it on the board, along with several selected sentences, or turns of phrase on a separate sheet of paper to promote good writing. The trial for this last project went down very well with the students and it will therefore be used in other classes, as well.

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