The school is required under Act 27 of 2000 of the Laws of Malta to ensure the health and safety of its employees, students and others on the premises through the adoption of a Non-Smoking Policy. Specific requirements have been placed on it under the Workplace (Health, Safety Minimum Requirements) Legal Notice of 2003.

Schools have a major role to play in working towards non-smoking being seen as the norm in society.  Therefore within the school premises the school administration:

  • strives to provide work areas with suitably clean air
  • ensures that employees who are non-smokers are protected from the discomfort of tobacco smoke anywhere on the premises.

This policy will apply to all school staff, students, as well as visitors, contractors and sub-contractors while on school premises.  All persons on the school premises are expected to take personal responsibility for observing this policy.  Teachers on fieldwork or on duty with students outside school premises are to follow the same policy procedures.

One should feel able to draw the attention of these, particularly visitors to the school.  Clearly worded signs to announce this policy are displayed around the school.

  • Staff members will be informed and reminded of this policy during appropriate meetings and by means of the school staff handbook.
  • Parents and students will be informed of this policy in the school policies handbook.
  • Events/activities may be held to heighten non-smoking awareness.

The Head of School, Assistant Heads and Health & Safety Teachers should be alert to the need to remind anyone smoking on school premises.