The idea behind the locker system is to provide a lockable place where students can store unnecessary books and other items thus decreasing the heavy load of the school bag. As a result students will avoid carrying all books from home to school and vice-versa and also within the school premises when they change classes.

This facility helps students learn to become responsible citizens. For this aim to be achieved, the use of the school locker must be an organized activity. The following simple rules thus apply:

  • Lockers to be used only to store books and other school items
  • Lockers should not be used to store prohibited items such as mobile phones / mp3 etc…
  • Lockers incur a one time expense for five scholastic years of €25 OR €5 per year.
  • Some lockers need a padlock which must be provided by the student.
  • Some lockers are locked using a key provided by the school.
  • If key is lost student must pay a penalty of €1 to have the key replaced. If a key is not repaid by the end of the scholastic year, no locker will be issued for the next scholastic year until the lost key is replaced.
  • Lockers are numbered and each locker will be listed against the student’s name. No student may exchange lockers with other students unless permission is granted by form teacher through block assistant head.
  • Lockers might be checked for their contents by the Head, Assistant Head and/or other staff members as directed by the school administration.
  • The lease runs from the second week of October until the second week of May.
  • Lockers can be used during the 1st lesson and during the first 5 minutes of every break ONLY. If a student forgets her things in the locker she will not be given permission to go to her home class since she will be disturbing other teachers giving their lessons.
  • Students who forget their locker key at home and ask the block assistant head to open their locker, will be kept for a mid-day break detention or assigned points as deemed fit by the block assistant head.
  • Lockers are NOT to be opened during lessons

If a student repeatedly shows a lack of responsibility in the use of the school locker she might be stopped from using the locker for a span of time. Furthermore the school locker might be taken away and students should not expect to be given back the money paid for the school locker.