Xogħol tal-Istudenti tal-Ewwel Sena fil-Malti

De Molizz magħmula minn Roberta Fava

Id-Dawl l-Abjad magħmula minn Luca Zammit

Il-Għar tax-Xelter magħmula minn Katriana Abela

Fuklar Qadim u Bnadar Imċarrta – Kapitlu 8 Fuq is-Saqqu tat-Tiben


Xogħol magħmul minn Nicole Callus, Emma Curmi u Laken Cassar ta’ 2 Qroll.

‘GO HOME-GROWN’ at Zejtun Secondary School

Two classes from Year 9 who are following the Prince’s Trust XL/Achieve Programme, together with their mentor teachers, have taken the initiative of converting a small area around the school into a garden to cultivate their own products, mainly garlic, cauliflowers, broad beans, peas and fresh herbs. The home-grown products are then used by the students during their cooking sessions, which are also taken at school. These cooking sessions are part and parcel of this same programme.
This project is being supported not only by those who are directly involved, but also by the Senior Managing Staff, Learning Support Assistants and teachers who are providing the students with more seeds and plants to grow. It is great to have so many people on board.
Besides learning the skills of gardening, students are also experiencing teamwork, cooperation and decision-making. Apart from keeping themselves active, they are also contributing to a greener environment.

We Eat Responsibly Project support funding

Following the School’s participation in the EU project We Eat Responsibly, Mr Godwin Ellul, a member of the Ekoskola School Committee represented the school during the FEE Fest held at St. Benedict College Kirkop Middle School between the 11th and 13th January 2017.

During this event our school was presented with support funding to assist the school in carrying out its actions in relation to the We Eat Responsibly! Project.

The official opening was made by the Hon Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment who also distributed the We Eat Responsibly support funding.



English activity: Romeo and Juliet

These are arts and crafts done during the drama lessons of Romeo and Juliet with a Form 3 track 3 class

English activity: Fish and Chips

Work related to this activity done by a Form3 CCP class.

Fuklar Qadim u Bnadar Imċarrta

Fuklar Qadim u Bnadar Imċarrta 


Xogħolijiet ta’ Marija Camilleri tal-klassi 2 Qroll

Fuklar Qadim u bnadar imċarta

Xogħol ta’ Sera, Daniel, Katrina u Nadesh tal-klassi 2 Qroll

Healthy Packed Lunch Day Activity

On the 7th December 2016 the EkoSkola Committee and the Students’ Council joined forces to promote the idea, amongst their peers, of consuming a healthy packed lunch as part of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’. The preparations started way ahead, and the two committees took an active role in encouraging participation in this event during assemblies and during Form Teacher time. Orders were taken also during breaks.
Preparations started early on the day and involved teachers and students from both committees to prepare, cook and serve the healthy packed lunch which consisted of baked chicken or vegetarian pasta, traditional home-made imqaret baked in the oven and a small bottle of water. The healthy packed lunch cost €2.




The Holocaust

Between the time period of 1941 to 1945, it was a dark time for millions of Jews around Germany. The 2nd World War had begun because the leader of Germany at that time was Hitler. Hitler did not like Jews because of the religion and he also blamed them for losing World War I. Click here to read more about the Holocaust.

An article written by Maya Briffa of 1 Diamond.


Mawra sal-Palazz tal-Inkwiżitur

Il-klassi 1 Coral mal-għalliema Ms.M.Cachia u Ms.J Cachia morna ġewwa l-palazz tal-Inkwiżitur fejn rajna ħwejjeġ awtentiċi, rajna filmat fuq l-insiġ tal-ħwejjeġ, l-istudenti tellgħu reċta u l-Gwida dawwarna mal-palazz filwaqt li fhemna x’kien isir fil-qorti u ċ-ċelel.