The school follows the official syllabus issued by the Education. The teachers indicate to their students which topics of the syllabus will be covered during that scholastic year.

Teachers of Maltese / English, inform students of Form 3 about the literature books needed for the Matsec exams and which must be bought by the students.

It is important that parents keep regular contact with their daughters and discuss with them the subjects being taught at school. It makes sense that students feel that their parents are interested in what they are doing at school.

Students are informed that the school prepares them for the following subjects for the Matsec exams:

Arabic Home Economics
Art Italian
Biology Maltese
Business Studies Mathematics
Chemistry Physical Education
Computer Studies European Studies
English Textile Studies
Environmental Studies Physics
French Religion
Geography Social Studies
German Spanish
History Graphical Communication

The University of Malta exempts students from paying these exams if there is a problem within the family or either the mother/father is deceased.