• For students from Form 1 to 4, exams take place twice a year, during the first week of February and during the third week of June. Each school prepares its own exam papers for the Half-Yearly exams. The Annual exam papers are national papers.
  • For students in Form 5, only one examination session takes place in February. These exams end the secondary course and are national papers.
  • Exams of both sessions take place for all subjects except for PSD, P.E. (General), and Art / Literature / Music.
  • In Art, Music, Literature and P.E. (General) an Assessment Mark is given.
  • An exam for English Literature takes place in Form 4 and 5.
  • If a student is absent for an exam both during the Half-Yearly and Annual exams, she needs to bring a medical certificate.

Criteria for Promotion

  • For a student to be promoted to the next class, she needs to obtain a pass mark in at least seven subjects, two of which must be main subjects.
  • The main subjects are: Maltese, English, Mathematics and Science / Physics.
  • The seven subjects will not include P.E. (General).


  • Parents’ Day takes place twice a year, December and March. The March report shows the assessment marks, exam marks for each subject, class average and Form average in every subject. Furthermore the Behaviour of each student for the first part of the scholastic year is also given.
  • The assessment mark is given on the work that each student performs during lessons and as Homework. If a student is frequently absent, or does not do her work regularly, her assessment mark indicates that work is incomplete.