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SOS – Saving Our Seas (an article as part of the YRE competition)

Who is there to help, if all the rubbish depicted in the picture is actually our trash? Will humans work together to reduce pollution and its impact? This picture was taken at Marsaxlokk port portraying some of the trash that could be observed on the sides along the promenade.
Made by Maya Xuereb and Kyle Shead 3 Coral

Famous Scientists presentations

Presentations done by Form 1 students:

Green Leaders

Green Leaders is an initiative organised in our school, St. Thomas More College Zejtun. These are selected students who have a very important role to play in our school. Their job is to keep the school and classes organised, spot clean but also to help reduce the environmental impact of our school… click here to read more.

A report written by Bernice Mifsud and Sarah Mifsud of Form 3 Coral as part of the YRE competition.

Waste-free School Lunches

A video clip made by Haylie D’Amato, Chanelle Zarb and Kirsty Collins of 3 Coral as part of the YRE competition.

Student work

Murderers get harsh sentences in court yet; slow killing by pollution is neglected. Pollution is causing an increasingly amount of health hazard, leading to many deaths both to humanity but also to wildlife in general. Such causes are due to marine pollution which occurs when harmful chemicals leach from industrial, agricultural and residential waste but moreover from sea transport. In addition, this is causing an increasingly amount of air pollution, especially in regions where there is a lot of trade.

We need to take care of our environment in order to be able to safe guard ourselves and the environment.

Article by Roxanne Poggi of 3 Diamond

The carbon dioxide extinguisher

A video clip made by Rebecca Xerri, Sarah Mifsud and Bernice Mifsud of 3 Coral as part of School Lab and NSTF competition.

What is milk made up of?

A video clip made by Kylie Ann Azzopardi of Form 4 Coral as part of the School lab and NSTF competition.

Recycling of clothes

The following article by Naomi Blundell of 1 Coral is taking part in the YRE Competition:

Sometimes, helping to improve the environment is seen as being well beyond ourselves. Click here to read more.

Pollution Dilution

The following article by Britney Galea of 3 Coral is taking part in the YRE Competition:

To dilute means to reduce… click here to read more.


Myths on Composting

The following article by Kristy Xuereb of 3 Coral is taking part in the YRE Competition:

Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. Anything that was once a living organism will decompose. Basically, composting is an acceleration of the same process nature uses… click here to read more.

Malta Junior Science Olympiad

Għat-tieni sena konsekuttiva, l-iskola tagħna reġgħet ipparteċipat fil-Malta Junior Science Olympiad li ttella’ nhar is-Sibt 14 ta’ Novembru 2015, fil-Kulleġġ Santa Tereża Skola Sekondarja tal-Imrieħel.
It-tliet parteċipanti li jispeċjalizzaw fis-suġġetti tax-xjenza kienu  Daniela Caruana, Kylie Ann Formosa u Leanne Genovese tal-klassi 5 Coral, li kkompetew ma’ 57 kompetitur ieħor, minn 19-il skola oħra sekondarja minn madwar Malta u Għawdex. It-tema magħżula għal din is-sena kienet ‘id-dawl’ u l-istudenti riedu jippreparaw irwieħhom għal din it-tema mil-lenti tat-tliet suġġetti; il-Fiżika, il-Bioloġija u l-Kimika.
Ir-riżultati ta’ din il-kompetizzjoni se jkunu mħabbra nhar is-26 ta’ Novembru 2015 waqt ċerimonja speċjali tal-okkażjoni. Minn hawn nifirħu lit-tliet parteċipanti u nawguralhom kull success.

Presentation on Sir Themistocles Zammit

Temi Zammit by Nicole CallusClick on the image above to view presentation