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‘GO HOME-GROWN’ at Zejtun Secondary School

Two classes from Year 9 who are following the Prince’s Trust XL/Achieve Programme, together with their mentor teachers, have taken the initiative of converting a small area around the school into a garden to cultivate their own products, mainly garlic, cauliflowers, broad beans, peas and fresh herbs. The home-grown products are then used by the students during their cooking sessions, which are also taken at school. These cooking sessions are part and parcel of this same programme.
This project is being supported not only by those who are directly involved, but also by the Senior Managing Staff, Learning Support Assistants and teachers who are providing the students with more seeds and plants to grow. It is great to have so many people on board.
Besides learning the skills of gardening, students are also experiencing teamwork, cooperation and decision-making. Apart from keeping themselves active, they are also contributing to a greener environment.