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Physical Activity programme launched at our school

On Wednesday 14th October, 2015, the “Schools in Movement” programme was launched at our school.

The aim of this programme is to increase students’ physical activity during the school day by introducing exercise during break time.

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Body-Mass Index (BMI), Bags and Backs: A nationwide study in Maltese schools – October/December 2015

This study will measure the weight and height of all Maltese school children to determine the rate of childhood overweight and obesity. Moreover, as part of the study, the weight of the child’s school bag will also be checked. A number of children will then be asked some questions about back pain. This study will be administered in all Maltese schools between October and December 2015.

Click here for more details about this study.

Welcome to Scholastic Year 2015-2016!

Welcome to Scholastic Year 2015-2016!

We hope that this scholastic year will be a positive experience for every student.

During Summer 2015, the School Website has been renewed to reflect recent changes and current school needs.

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