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The Holocaust

Between the time period of 1941 to 1945, it was a dark time for millions of Jews around Germany. The 2nd World War had begun because the leader of Germany at that time was Hitler. Hitler did not like Jews because of the religion and he also blamed them for losing World War I. Click here to read more about the Holocaust.

An article written by Maya Briffa of 1 Diamond.

German matters!

Chanelle Muscat (2 Garnet) is one of the winners of the German Matters Competition organized by the University of Malta. A great honour for our school. The other participants were:

Form 1

  1. Nevise Caruana
  2. Hayley Muscat, Martina Mc Intyre and Keyana Agius

Form 2

  1. Raisa Delorenzo
  2. Isaac Dalli
  3. Maya Xuereb
  4. Jan Proschek
  5. Nicholas Cutajar

All participants received a token.

German Fair

Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5 students at the German Fair.

PASCH: Logo Competition Winners

Mr Broderson, the PASCH representative from Brussels, visited the school to award the winners of the Logo Competition

German activities

Photos of activities done during the German Club and Lessons