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English Literacy – Star Essays

English Competition Term 3 Winners

Joseph Abela 1 Ruby
Katrina Abela 1 Opal
Jacob Abela 1 Diamond
Amy Busuttil 2 Diamond
Nicole Buhagiar 3 Garnet

English Competition winners – term 2

English Term 1 Competitions Winners

English competition – Term 3 Winners – Form 3 & Form 4

The winners of the English competitions – term 3

Form 3 – Cherise Bonnici 3 Jade

Form 4 – Josela Psaila 4 Coral

The Volcano project

The Winner of the best Volcano project is Daniel Muscat of 2 Jade

English competition – Term 3 Winners – Form 1 & Form 2

These are the winners of the English competitions for term 3.

Form 1

  • Nick Muscat 1 Coral
  • Kurt Bezzina 1 Topaz

Form 2

  • Julia Azzopardi 2 DMD
  • Maya Xuereb 2 DMD
  • Greshias Azzopardi 2 PRL

English Competition winners Term 2

These are the winners of the English competitions in term 2.

There were no entries from  Form 2 and Form 4.

Form 1

Kelly Borg – 1 Coral

Emilia Borg Cachia – 1Diamond

Marija Camilleri – 1 Garnet

Form 3

Melanie Gatt – 3 Coral

Form 5

Amy Chetcuti – 5 Opal

Shakira Bartolo – 5 Garnet

English Competitions Term 1 Winners

winnersForm 1 – Mariah Degabriele

Form 2 – Hayley Calleja

Form 3 – Anne Marie Azzopardi

Form 4 – Briana Mifsud

Form 5 – Faith Okonkwo

Well done! The next competitions will be in January.

The Necklace

The Necklace is an interesting English activity done by Ms A J Cassar with Form 3s.

This activity involves keeping a diary or a journal of a necklace. All the students in the class take part and it takes almost all year long ,depending on how many students there are in class.

The teacher gives  a diary and the necklace to a student. She has to wear the necklace for the week and take it with her wherever she goes; to visit relatives, out with friends, to the cinema even if she is at home just helping around and doing homework. Then students have to write a diary entry from the point of view of  the necklace itself and describe where they have been, whom they have met etc.

Students have to take pictures of themselves wearing the necklace or of the necklace lying somewhere. They really enjoy themselves and they express their creativity which is very important. Then they read it out in class and describe their own adventure.

The necklace itself chooses which home and student to visit, since their own name has to be drawn in a ballot in class every week. They are very eager to be the chosen one!

So let this year’s adventure begin. The necklace’s journey starts at the teacher’s home and here you can see the necklace relaxing!

Junior News Winners

Junior News is a children’s newspaper which comes out every Wednesday with The Times Of Malta.

Salma Zinou Form 2, sent in an article about the similarities between the Arabic and Maltese Languages. A very interesting article. Well done Salma! She won a €12 voucher from Toyland.

Samuel Farrugia Form 2, sent in a drawing and won a € 15 voucher from The Model Shop. Well done Samuel!

If you have any articles, drawings, poems, or stories you would like to send to Junior News, give them to your English teacher or to Ms Frey English HoD. Write your name, class, age and address on the back of the drawings.

The Spelling Bee

Another activity which is part of the English Literacy Strategy is The Spelling Bee held every Wednesday during the midday break. It is open to Form 3s for this term.

Students have a set of words to learn at home and then they have to spell them correctly in class, in front of the others. A timer is set to create enthusiasm. Students have to spell the words in English and not make any mistakes.

They are competing for the title of ” The Next Best Speller”. Words are chosen by letter or by topic and students get to learn new words which can be later on used in their essays. Students learn new vocabulary in a fun way.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to improve your English, join us now! Next term, this activity will be open to another form.

Contact: Ms A J Cassar,  English Teacher

“Share a Book” and “Star Essay” projects

As part of the school’s drive towards better literacy, students in Ms Aquilina’s classes have been involved in different projects having an aim to increase the students’ reading quotas and improve their writing skills.
All the students have been asked to participate in the ‘Share a Book’ project. Each week, a student presents, or shares, a book with their class in whichever creative way they feel most comfortable in. Some students presented PowerPoint presentations, while others created posters, or even quizzes and games for their classmates. Another strategy encourages students to refer to the poster found in their class suggesting level-appropriate books to read. The most recent project launched was the ‘Star Essay’ (see photos below). The teacher selects the best essay out of every batch collected and displays it on the board, along with several selected sentences, or turns of phrase on a separate sheet of paper to promote good writing. The trial for this last project went down very well with the students and it will therefore be used in other classes, as well.

The English Club

The English Club is part of the English Literacy Strategy. We meet every Monday during the long break in block 2, computer lab 2, room 206. Each week  students are given a website which has lots of interactive English games. The games vary from vocabulary building, verbs, sentence structure, conjunctions, punctuation etc. The aim is to learn English in a fun way. It also makes the students aware of the different educational websites available which they could then use at home. Places are limited. If you are interested contact Ms T Frey, English Head of Department.

Reading Nook

This is a photo of the reading nook. This was the idea of Ms J Abela who thought of putting boxes full of English magazines and articles in each block. Her idea was for students who had a free lesson to make use of this reading material. The initiative was a huge success.  Students and teachers have brought books and put them in the boxes. We have now also added magazines which are in Maltese, French and Italian. Often during breaks or between lessons, students can be seen excitedly going through the books and taking some home. The reading nook is also another initiative of the English Literacy Strategy Committee.

English Corner

The aim of the English corners is to give the students a place where to put up their work. These noticeboards are also used to encourage students to send in articles for the Junior News which comes out every Wednesday. We also have an English competition every term. These English corners are an initiative of the English Literacy Strategy Committee.