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Vermi Compost Bin

Vermi Compost Bin – EkoSkola YRE Competition

Green Flag

Our School Embraces and Celebrates the GREEN FLAG AWARD!

Following a year of hard work, determination, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation from everyone, our school was awarded the prestigious GREEN FLAG. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU ALL!

Our School just awarded the EkoSkola Green Flag award

Letters from the EkoSkola National Jury, informing the school about the Green Flag award:

Parents’ Evening Activity – Eat Better (School Lunches)…..Make it Matter!

The title is the Food Code picked up by the EkoSkola students attending St Thomas More College, Secondary School Żejtun. Besides addressing the health benefits of consuming better school lunches, this food code aims to raise students as critical consumers by making the right food choices with the least impact on the environment.
As a way of disseminating good practices of Responsible Food Consumption (RFC) in relation to the Food Code, the EkoSkola students’ committee designed a pamphlet, in the form of a school lunchbox to be distributed to all the parents during Parents’ Evening on Friday 24th March 2017. Inside the lunchbox, the students presented three different menus consisting of healthy, practical and environment-friendly school lunches that the parents can easily prepare for their children.
The response was highly satisfying and rewarding for the students, with parents commenting very positively and making use of the recipes provided.

Sports Day Activity – School Lunches for Better Health and a Better Environment

It has become a yearly tradition at St Thomas More College, Secondary Żejtun for the EkoSkola Committees (students and teachers) to join forces with the School Council and prepare a healthy packed lunch for the entire school community, on the same day that the school celebrates Sports Day. The only difference this year was the involvement of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’, hence rather than focusing solely on the health benefits, we gave as much importance to environmental-friendly practices.

This year’s packed lunch consisted of a traditional Maltese Ftira filled with tuna, seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, and also fresh fruit smoothies (using seasonal products) and a glass of squeezed orange juice freshly cut from the school’s citrus garden. Products used to serve the packed lunch were either of paper material or collected back for reusing and recycling. The skin of all the fruits and vegetables used were separated for compost, whereas the strawberry and yoghurt containers were handed to the people responsible for the gardening Project for reusing.

We Eat Responsibly Project support funding

Following the School’s participation in the EU project We Eat Responsibly, Mr Godwin Ellul, a member of the Ekoskola School Committee represented the school during the FEE Fest held at St. Benedict College Kirkop Middle School between the 11th and 13th January 2017.

During this event our school was presented with support funding to assist the school in carrying out its actions in relation to the We Eat Responsibly! Project.

The official opening was made by the Hon Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment who also distributed the We Eat Responsibly support funding.

Healthy Packed Lunch Day Activity

On the 7th December 2016 the EkoSkola Committee and the Students’ Council joined forces to promote the idea, amongst their peers, of consuming a healthy packed lunch as part of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’. The preparations started way ahead, and the two committees took an active role in encouraging participation in this event during assemblies and during Form Teacher time. Orders were taken also during breaks.
Preparations started early on the day and involved teachers and students from both committees to prepare, cook and serve the healthy packed lunch which consisted of baked chicken or vegetarian pasta, traditional home-made imqaret baked in the oven and a small bottle of water. The healthy packed lunch cost €2.

Results of the EkoSkola Questionnaire

Dear students and parents/guardians,
The EkoSkola Committee, within St Thomas More College, Secondary School, Żejtun would like to thank you sincerely for participating in the online questionnaire entitled ‘What you eat at home…..Menu for Change’. The total number of responses received was 218 and we are presenting the results of the English and the Maltese versions separately.

Click here to read Questionnaire Results.

Riżultati tal-Kwestjonarju ta’ EkoSkola

Għeżież studenti u ġenituri/kustodji,
Il-Kumitat EkoSkola, fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Tumas More, l-Iskola Sekondarja taż-Żejtun jixtieq jirringrazzja lil dawk kollha li pparteċipaw fil-kwestjonarju online bl-isem ta’ ‘X’tiekol id-dar…….Menù għall-Bidla’. In-numru totali ta’ risposti miksuba kien ta’ 218 u, għaldaqstant, qegħdin nippreżentaw ir-riżultati tal-verżjoni bil-Malti u bl-Ingliż separatament.

Agħfas hawn biex taqra r-riżultati tal-kwestjonarju.

X’tiekol id-dar… ‘Menù għall-Bidla’ Kwestjonarju mill-Kumitat ta’ EkoSkola – What you eat at home… ‘Menu for Change’ EkoSkola Committee questionnaire

Agħfas hawn biex timla il-KWESTJONARJU

Jekk jogħġobkom imlew il-kwestjonarju sa mhux aktar tard mill-Erbgħa 14 ta’ Diċembru 2016. Grazzi ħafna.

Click here to fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE

Please fill in the Questionnaire by not later than Wednesday 14th December 2016. Thank you.

TOGETHER ‘We Eat Responsibly’ – An Event for Students and Parents

During an event for all Year 8 students and their parents, the EkoSkola committee at St Thomas More College, Secondary School, Żejtun extended the opportunity to create awareness about eating responsibly and making wise food choices, as part of the ‘We Eat Responsibly’ project campaign.
Students and teachers teamed up together and catered for a mini reception for 300 students and parents in the school hall by preparing and serving mini bread rolls with tuna salad filling, sandwiches with homemade hummus paste and fresh greens, fresh fruit kebabs and fruit-infused water as a beverage.
Before the food and beverage items were served, the Year 8 students within the EkoSkola Committee addressed their peers and parents by providing awareness about the project’s main objectives, using a video clip to reinforce their presentation.

Launching Campaign of the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’

In the week between the 7th and the 11th of November 2016, the EkoSkola committee launched the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’ during school assemblies.
As newly-appointed members of this year’s EkoSkola Committee the students first introduced themselves with their respective year groups and explained that the main aim is to work together to achieve the prestigious Green Flag Award.
To attain this goal the school will be participating in the project ‘We Eat Responsibly’, which supports Eco-schools in 9 EU countries, including Malta, and which has 38 schools participating, including our school at St. Thomas More Secondary, Żejtun. Our role in this project is to explore ways and means to enable and empower students to in making more responsible food choices for a better health and to shape the World into a better one.
The main concepts of this project were explained better by means of two different video clips (one targeted for the Middle School students and another more suitable one for the Senior School years) and by using the roll out poster as a display in the School Hall and at the Administration Block.
For more information about this project one can access the following websites;

or the facebook page; Nieklu b’Responsabbiltà – We Eat Responsibly

EkoSkola Silver Award

With hard work and determination from the EkoSkola Students’ Council and their mentor teachers, together with the support and cooperation of the SMT, staff and parents, our school managed to obtain the EkoSkola Silver Award Certificate for Scholastic Year 2015/16. The award was presented by Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta.

Kurt Zahra (2 Jade) and Anne Marie Azzopardi (3 Coral) acted as the school ambassadors, on behalf of the EkoSkola Students’ Council and received the award at the President’s Palace in Valletta, on Monday 6th June with pride, satisfaction and honour.

The next step is the achievement of the Green Flag, and therefore we invite all the stakeholders (members of staff, students and parents) to come on board and provide the support needed. Let’s walk this journey together and obtain the recognition that our school highly deserves.
Well done to all those involved in the attainment of this award and thank you. It makes us all so very proud.

‘Healthy Packed Lunch Day’ at Żejtun Secondary School

How does the idea of coming to school and enjoy a healthy, freshly-prepared packed lunch, at a very smart price sound?  A nutritious and hassle-free initiative, caught the interest of over 300 students and staff members at St Thomas More College, Secondary School, Żejtun and reached its climax on Friday 8th April 2016.

This fund-raising activity was a joint force between the students and teachers of the EkoSkola committee, the School Council and a group of voluntary members of staff. Moreover, it was purposely combined with the annual Sports Day to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The wholesome packed lunch, which was served during the midday break, consisted of a Maltese Ftira with a filling of tuna salad, an orange and cocoa cup cake and a glass of squeezed orange juice freshly picked from the gardens of our school.

The success of this activity was measured not only by the record number of packed lunches sold but also by the number of people from the different areas of the school community who came together to work as one whole team.

Kampanja ‘Save the Polar Bear’

Agħfas hawn biex tara’ l-preżentazzjoni li ntużat f’din il-kampanja.

Il-Kunsill tal-EkoSkola laqa’ l-istedina li jimplimenta dan il-proġett fuq livell ta’ skola. Din il-kampanja titkellem dwar il-ħsara li qiegħda ssir lill-Ors Polari minħabba li qiegħed idub is-silġ fl-Artiku, kawża tal-emmissjoni ta’ gassijiet tossiċi fl-arja, fosthom minħabba konsum ta’ dawl żejjed. Titkellem ukoll dwar x’għandu jkun l-irwol tagħna biex ngħinu lil dawn l-ispeċi milli jiġu estinti, eżempju billi nitfu d-dawl qabel ma noħorġu mill-kamra, billi nużaw anqas karti u nirriċiklaw il-karta, u billi nużaw ir-rota bħala mezz ta’ transport minflok il-karozza meta hu possibli.
Qiegħed ikun previst li jekk it-temperaturi jkomplu jisħnu se nesperjenzaw mewġa ta’ sħana qawwija u nixfa, kif ukoll maltempati kbar u għargħar li se jkollhom effetti kbar u diretti fuq l-għixien tal-Orsijiet Polari.
Bħala skola waħħalna dan il-logo fuq kull swiċċ tad-dawl sabiex infakkru li wieħed għandu jitfi l-elettriku meta m’għandux bżonn. Jidher li din l-inizjattiva intlaqgħet tajjeb ħafna u qiegħda tiġi segwita bil-għajnuna tal-istudenti tal-EkoSkola u l-Green Leaders.
Jekk naħdmu flimkien nagħmlu d-dinja post aħjar!

Kimsley Grech
3 Coral
Membru fl-EkoSkola

Kampanja EkoMilied

L-Iskola Primarja Luqa tal-Kulleġġ San Injazju nediet kampanja ta’ għarfien għal Milied aktar sostenibbli msejħa EkoMilied. Biha tixtieq tqajjem kuxjenza dwar kemm jinħlew karti għalxejn f’dawn iż-żminijiet ta’ festi, speċjalment fl-użanza li aħna għandna li ngeżwru r-rigali.

Elezzjoni għall-ħatra tal-Kunsill tal-EkoSkola

Il-membri fi ħdan il-kumitat tal-EkoSkola bdew bil-ħidma sabiex jiġu nominati l-istudenti prospettivi għall-elezzjoni tal-kunsill tal-EkoSkola. Din hija l-lista tal-istudenti li aċċettaw in-nomina flimkien mar-riżultati li ġabu fl-elezzjoni:

L-Ewwel Sena

  • Nigel Borg (1 Diamond) – 70 (Elett)
  • Maria Camilleri (1 Diamond) – 15
  • Beth McCulloch (1 Diamond) – 33
  • Gabriele Guercio (1 Sapphire) – 41 (Elett)

It-Tieni Sena

  • Maria Magro Conti (2 Coral) – 27
  • Kurt Zahra (2 Jade) – 47 (Elett)
  • Jack Terrance Jordan (2 Pearl) – 28 (Elett)
  • Iker Pace (2 Ruby) – 25

It-Tielet Sena

  • Kimsley Grech (3 Coral) – 66 (Eletta)
  • Yasmine Micallef (3 Coral) – 8
  • Annmarie Azzopardi (3 Diamond) – 18 (Eletta)
  • Cheslie Bonnici (3 Diamond) – 2

Ir-Raba’ Sena

  • Sonique Degiogio (4 Coral) – 30 (Eletta)
  • Daphne Xuereb Vella (4 Coral) – 22 (Eletta)
  • Mirea Darmanin (4 Diamond) – 17
  • Sherise Schembri (4 Diamond) – 5

Il-Ħames Sena

  • Mariah Genovese (5 Coral) – 24 (Eletta)
  • Katrina Cassar (5 Diamond) – 21
  • Shania Vella (5 Diamond) – 21
  • Britney Bugeja (5 Garnet) – 22 (Eletta)

Il-kandidati nehdew il-kampanja tal-elezzjoni bejn id-19 u t-23 ta’ Ottubru 2015, waqt l-Assemblies, fejn introduċew u ippromwovu lilhom infushom ma’ sħabhom tal-istess sena. L-elezzjoni saret il-ġimgħa ta’ wara, fuq perjodu ta’ tliet ijiem. L-eżerċizzju twettaq permezz ta’ sistema elettronika, b’software apposta, sabiex jiġi eskluż l-użu tal-karti, kif ukoll biex nesponu lill-istudenti għat-tagħlim b’differenza permezz tal-użu tat-teknoloġija. Permezz tal-użu ta’ dan is-software kellna ndikazzjoni ċara ta’ kif kien għaddej l-andament tal-votazzjoni f’kull ħin u r-riżultati finali ħarġu awtomatikament.