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Kompetizzjoni Ortografija 3 – Rebbieħa

Ir-rebbieħa tat-tielet u l-aħħar kompetizzjoni ortografika huma:

  • Caruana Nevise (1 Jade) b’124 kelma miktuba tajbin
  • Xuereb Kristy (3 Coral) b’117-il kelma miktuba tajbin

Dawn iż-żewġ studenti ngħataw ktieb kull wieħed mogħti minn BDL Distributors Limited.

EkoSkola Silver Award

With hard work and determination from the EkoSkola Students’ Council and their mentor teachers, together with the support and cooperation of the SMT, staff and parents, our school managed to obtain the EkoSkola Silver Award Certificate for Scholastic Year 2015/16. The award was presented by Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta.

Kurt Zahra (2 Jade) and Anne Marie Azzopardi (3 Coral) acted as the school ambassadors, on behalf of the EkoSkola Students’ Council and received the award at the President’s Palace in Valletta, on Monday 6th June with pride, satisfaction and honour.

The next step is the achievement of the Green Flag, and therefore we invite all the stakeholders (members of staff, students and parents) to come on board and provide the support needed. Let’s walk this journey together and obtain the recognition that our school highly deserves.
Well done to all those involved in the attainment of this award and thank you. It makes us all so very proud.

Let’s Learn Europe Together – Quiz activity for Years 8, 9 and 10

This Scholastic Year the school participated in a EU Project entitled ‘LET’S LEARN EUROPE TOGETHER’, involving the majority of students in Years 8, 9 and 10. This project was launched by the European Parliament Information Office, whereby students were provided with an educational resource booklet, divided into 6 modules, namely: A brief History of the EU; the European Union and You; Making Decisions; Europe without borders; European values; Your voice in Europe.
The idea behind this project was not only to expose the students and get them familiar with facts about the European Union, but also to bring as many subjects working together (e.g. European Studies, Geography, History, Social Studies and Mathematics).
On Wednesday 18th May, eight group of students tested the knowledge acquired and challenged one another through a quiz which was delivered by representatives from the European Parliament Information Office. The winning team will be competing with other finalists from other schools in October 2016 and the finalists were; Melanie Gatt, Kylie Grech, Yasmine Micallef Zammit, Kristy Xuereb and Mariah Zammit from class 3 Coral. We wish them all the best of luck!!

Winning House 2015-2016: Yellow (Santa Katerina)

#6 dalwaqt!!

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Kompetizzjoni Ortografija 3

Kompetizzjoni Ortografija 3

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English competition – Term 3 Winners – Form 3 & Form 4

The winners of the English competitions – term 3

Form 3 – Cherise Bonnici 3 Jade

Form 4 – Josela Psaila 4 Coral

Prayer Spaces – 2015-2016

L-għan ta’ l-esperjenza ta’ “Prayer Spaces” hu li jinħoloq spazju għall-istudenti, fejn jieqfu għal ftit u jaħsbu fuq xi realtajiet li hemm f’ħajjithom bħal:

  • Kif inħares lejja nnifsi?
  • X’qiegħed jinkwetani u jtaqqal lil qalbi?
  • Kif inħares lejn d-dinja ta’ madwari?
  • X’nixtieq mill-ħajja?

German matters!

Chanelle Muscat (2 Garnet) is one of the winners of the German Matters Competition organized by the University of Malta. A great honour for our school. The other participants were:

Form 1

  1. Nevise Caruana
  2. Hayley Muscat, Martina Mc Intyre and Keyana Agius

Form 2

  1. Raisa Delorenzo
  2. Isaac Dalli
  3. Maya Xuereb
  4. Jan Proschek
  5. Nicholas Cutajar

All participants received a token.

‘Healthy Packed Lunch Day’ at Żejtun Secondary School

How does the idea of coming to school and enjoy a healthy, freshly-prepared packed lunch, at a very smart price sound?  A nutritious and hassle-free initiative, caught the interest of over 300 students and staff members at St Thomas More College, Secondary School, Żejtun and reached its climax on Friday 8th April 2016.

This fund-raising activity was a joint force between the students and teachers of the EkoSkola committee, the School Council and a group of voluntary members of staff. Moreover, it was purposely combined with the annual Sports Day to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The wholesome packed lunch, which was served during the midday break, consisted of a Maltese Ftira with a filling of tuna salad, an orange and cocoa cup cake and a glass of squeezed orange juice freshly picked from the gardens of our school.

The success of this activity was measured not only by the record number of packed lunches sold but also by the number of people from the different areas of the school community who came together to work as one whole team.


Nhar l-4 ta’ Mejju, ittellgħat l-aħħar Spellitona għal din is-sena skolastika 2016 għall-klassijiet tat-tieni sena. Fiha ħadu sehem Mariah Camilleri (2 Topaz), Mariah Camilleri (2 Ruby), Jack Jordan (2 Pearl), Chanice Schembri ( 2 Pearl), Cassidy Abela(2 Ruby), Dawn Borg (2 Pearl), Iker Pace ( 2 Ruby), Mirayah Carabott (2 Topaz).

The Volcano project

The Winner of the best Volcano project is Daniel Muscat of 2 Jade

English competition – Term 3 Winners – Form 1 & Form 2

These are the winners of the English competitions for term 3.

Form 1

  • Nick Muscat 1 Coral
  • Kurt Bezzina 1 Topaz

Form 2

  • Julia Azzopardi 2 DMD
  • Maya Xuereb 2 DMD
  • Greshias Azzopardi 2 PRL


Il-Fieres huwa preżentazzjoni flimkien ma’ ritratti ta’ xeni mill-ħrafa.

Xogħol magħmul minn Martina Caruana ta’ 2 Jade

Xjenza Mania STEAM summer school

Please find posters and Application Form for Xjenza Mania STEAM summer school.  Parents/Guardians of students who are interested in attending this summer school, are to contact the school (tel.no: 21694725) by not later than the 20th of May.

Application Form (PDF)

Xjenza Mania Poster – English (PDF)

Xjenza Mania Poster – Maltese (PDF)


Qwiel Maltin

Dawn huma filmati magħmulin minn dawn l-istudenti: Bernice Mifsud, Sarah Mifsud u Rebecca Xerri tat-3 Coral.
Il-qwiel li rreċtaw huma: Kappell ma jmejjilx lill-ieħor, Raqqa’ l-pannu bil-qara’ aħmar u Bil-kelma t-tajba toħroġ il-far mit-toqba.